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Marblised Finish

I must admit I succumbed to the marble trend early when I stumbled across some coasters, which I used for a jewellery display.

I think we would all agree that marble is nothing new. Marble’s use in architecture, art and design can be traced back many thousands of years from Early Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures to Athens’ Parthenon, Rome’s Pantheon, Agra’s Taj Mahal, London’s Marble Arch and Michelangelo’s masterpiece ”David” which are just a few examples still standing to this day. So the ancients were not the only ones seduced by it and today I feel there’s something luxuriously glam about it which I just love.

The word ‘marble’ is derived from the Greek ‘marmaros’ and is interpreted as ”a snow white and spotless stone” (source), despite the fact that marble has many colour variants. Types of marble are equally variable, from Tuscany’s pure white/grey Carrara marble to limestone, green marble and cultured marble (a composite of marble dust and cement).

To understand why marble’s texture is so fascinating for designers, it’s worth looking at the actual production process behind this material. Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure.

The “veins” and “swirls” in marble’s texture are a result of impurities. Clay, sand, iron oxides and many other minerals are found in different layers of the Earth’s crust and make their way through the marble’s journey to the top.

It is an inspiring texture used today in almost every single design field. Print design, graphic and web design, fashion design, interior design, product design…you name it.

We have sourced some vintage and modern beads, selected purely for their patterns and swirls of “marble” look. These Czech glass beads and vintage plastic beads look even more amazing in person, and are all  individually unique.


Czech Glass Seed Bead Finishes

The more complex the finish the more expensive the bead.

“AB”: Means “Aurora Borealis” & looks like a rainbow tint on the surface.
Copper Lined: Transparent with inside hole lined with copper.
Iris: Oil effect on an opaque surface.
Lustred: Metallic sheen.
Matt: A dull, low lustre surface.
Opaque: Solid Colour.
Pearlised: Subtle colours with a shiny surface.
Silk: Opaque Shiny
Transparent: See through.
Two Colour: See through with the inside hole lined one colour & another colour over the outside.
Silver Lined: Transparent with the hole lined with silver to give a mirror effect.
Striped: Two or more colours vertically on the bead.
White Heart: Inside hole lined with white.

Animal Print Finish

Inspired by Africa made in the Czech Republic from handmade glass rods. Animal print is mixed glass commonly known as Tortoise finish. It is available in topaz, sapphire blue, barely there pink, aqua & chartreuse pressed glass beads and fire polished beads.

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