About DIY Kits

Sometimes we are all a bit short on time or ideas!

That’s why I have designed these DIY Jewellery Making Kits. It is just like making from scratch, only easier!

We have designed a  variety of on trend jewellery D.I.Y kits which are available for all skill levels in beaded jewellery making. Kits come with easy to follow instructions and a picture of the finished project.Buy kits online or at craft shows.

What tools you will I need to make beaded jewellery?

Their are 3  basic and essential tools used in jewellery making which you can purchase on line:

  • round nose pliers – these are used to form lovely rounded loops for linking when making earrings for example.
  • flat nose pliers – these pliers are used for crimping and gripping wire and rings.
  • wire cutters – use to flushly cut wire plus thread, leather and cords.

All of our tools are made from stainless steel, which makes them rust resistant and are ergonomically designed for jewellery designers.  They feature double box joint which is designed for prolonged use  and are light weight and smaller than standard pliers.

Some projects may also require glue, blu tak etc and it will be stated for individual kits if required.

Who Are the Jewellery DIY Kits Designed For?

When you are a bit short on time or ideas and want a creative hit reach out for one of our jewellery making DIY kits which are just like making from scratch, only easier!

All  beaded jewellery making DIY kits come with easy to follow instructions and a picture of the finished project.

Our D.I.Y kits are ideal gifts & great for the first time beader. At first glance some projects may seem complex and if you can’t physically get to our workshops unachievable! However, with a little practice, the right tools and step by step instructions to guide you from start to finish, you are well on your way to mastering any of these wonderful innovative designs.

Whether you love chandelier earrings, statement chokers & necklaces,  bracelets or rings & other things there is something for ever jewellery lover!

Why don’t you purchase multiple kits for your own bead party with girlfriends, work colleagues and family? They are also a perfect way to celebrate a hens party hosted at home or a community event. We even hire out the tools required.

Etelage also offers you fabulous kids party kits complete with instructions. Our gorgeous & easy D.I.Y beading kits cater for up to 12 kids making 1 piece of jewellery. Projects do not require tools. Grab a party pack & keep the kids busy in the school holidays.


‘items lovingly made with the human hand from raw materials with traditional craftmanship’.

It can be functional as well as decorative, often with a great story behind it. A new term ‘the new design’, represents us the craftsperson, hobbyist, artist, designer and artisan.

Why Embrace the Maker Culture?

Generally as a society we are becoming more mindful about our choices: conscious of choosing products which are made using artisan traditions and not mass produced, seeking quality over quantity and things of cultural or personal significance. As a result the maker culture is cooler than ever. This shift to making has not been seen since the early 70s.
Whether you drop by your local market, hunt in the virtual world or shop at your local gift shop chances are the majority of goods are handmade and lovingly made.

And handmade, bespoke, crafted artisan, whatever you want to name it, is now getting the attention it deserves.

But better still there is an alternative crafted lifestyle. A movement of us who are rejecting mass produced goods and supporting local, artisan and fair trade.

Craft is less about doilies and more about a way of life. It is better for the environment, adds some individuality to you and your home, builds community and brings a little joy to our souls.
What’s not to love?

What The Research Says on Creativity?

Reading about the anxiety and depression overwhelming a staggering 4o% of Australian women it makes me think how important it is to create something. As a society we are in perpetual motion and perpetual noise and according to the research it is the internet and social media which makes us feel anxious and unable to cope or keep up with the ‘rosy instagram’ life we see daily.
And the advice is; to get back to basics, drop perfectionism and just do stuff. Let’s meet and play together, learn a new skill, get into and have some fun with the other real imperfect folk!

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