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They are/were not afraid to be themselves. They are/were women ahead of their times, activists and creative spirits.

Kate Moss
Redefined beauty in the ‘90s. The first rock ‘n roll supermodel…an uber cool glam, bohemian gypsy, grunge goddess. Kate is credited with popularising the skinny jean, the ballet flat, leopard print scarves, festival style and pairing high end designer with thrift.

She has designed for Top Shop (2007) and been a contributing fashion editor at British Vogue. (2013)
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Iris Apfel Iris is the latest identity to be feature in an Albert May (Grey Gardens) documentary “Iris” (2015). At 93 Iris is captured as more than the New York grand dame of fashion. She is an inspirational free spirit with her own signature style: eclectic, colourful and adorned. How I envy her jewellery collection! Her clothes and jewellery tell the adventurous life of travel: collecting, fossicking, sourcing, bargaining, curating & preserving. Boho chic at its best and loudest.
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Talitha Getty A 1960’s bohemian beauty with free-spirited style, was the muse to Yves Saint Laurent.Although she was only thirty when she died, (1971) fashion gurus have often written of her & Marrakesh (a major destination for hippies in the late 1960s, as illustrated by the song, “Marrakesh Express” (1969) by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) as virtually synonymous.

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Stevie Nicks 1948 USA Fleetwood Mac’s legendary songstress and bohemian goddess of the 1970s who led a rock star drug fuelled life. Think wild hair, platform boots, flowing long jackets, lace, feathers & beads. My favourite album is the 1977’s Rumours. Stevie’s unique style has inspired designers for almost 40 years.

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Josephine Baker 1906 – 1975 born in the USA and adopted by the French. An erotic dancer, short lived actress, sensational singer & muse to such artists as Pablo Picasso and designer Christian Dior. She was part of the French resistance & had impeccable taste for tribal & modernist ornamentation.

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Nancy Cunard 1896 -1965 English writer, heiress, political activist & muse to some of the most distinguished writers and artists incl Aldous Huxley & Man Ray. I discovered her a few years ago at the NSW Art Gallery Sydney exhibition of the photographer Man Ray. She was the woman who wore the stacked chunky bracelets.

Sunday Reed 1905 -1981 Australia A passionate, beautiful and visionary woman who became a huge patron of Australian art. She turned her back on a world of wealth and privilege, where girls were definitely meant to be seen and not heard determined to have a freer existence where she could express herself.

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