How To Plan A Baby Blessing Bead Ceremony

A Mother Blessing or Blessing Way is an old Navajo (native American) ceremony

It celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood which is an alternative to the traditional ‘baby shower’ that is held for a woman approaching birth. Not only is it a memorable, fun and creative celebration with friends but also a special time of nurturing and supporting the mother-to-be and celebrating motherhood.

want to honour the mother-to-be IN AN AUTHENTIC & BEAUTIFUL WAY?
want to nurture the mother-to-be WITH A BLESSING, PRAYER OR WISDOM?
want to celebrate the mother-to-be. HER STRENGTH & BEAUTY?


We love the idea of making a symbolic and meaningful beaded necklace as a baby blessing which is worn in labour to nurture the woman. It is also known as a “labour of love” necklace which we think sums up what the beaded necklace symbolises in a really powerful way.

Each woman attending brings a special bead/s for a blessing birthing necklace. i.e worn in birthing

You could choose a bead based on the:

  • meaning of a semi precious stone,
  • where the bead was made as it may remind you both of a shared holiday experience,
  • your or her favourite colour,
  • how it was made and its values for example, eco, ethical or fair trade
  • nostalgia
  • as it reminds you of your shared childhood memories

On the day of the blessing: sit in a circle and one by one ask each woman to thread her bead/s and share a blessing, prayer, wish or a pearl of wisdom for the mother-to-be and her baby.

It gives other mothers present in the circle the opportunity to share experiences. Often it is a time when the mother-to-be can express any fears or worries in a safe and sacred setting and receive the support she needs.

You can say why you chose each bead/s, the meaning you give it and the message it holds. This can be shared aloud or said quietly within.

This honours her and gives her strength with this beautiful symbolic connection to all her female friends when she gives birth.

For those unable to attend the baby blessing you can ask them to send a bead and a pearl of wisdom ahead of the event which can be included as part of the ceremony.

The beaded necklace is a symbol of family and friends “present” whilst the mother to be is in labour and a great “tool” for the mother to keep mum strong and supported.

Other Ideas:

  • It may also be hung above a birthing pool as a mobile.
  • You could create prayer bunting with all of your personal messages for the mother to be which will remind her of the incredible support the women in her life have given her.
  • Get creative and explore what feels right for the mother to be!


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Beads or trinkets from your guests that symbolises their wish for the mother-to-be and baby in labour and birth.


Leather, hemp, or cotton cord approx .7mm –1mm.
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Small rings to attach any charms and trinkets to the blessing necklace.
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Before the Mother Blessing begins, cut a length of leather or cord (to make a full-length necklace) and tie a knot in one end.

If using a cord thread the other end through a beading needle to make it easy to place the beads on it.

Place the prepared necklace into a small bowl or basket so it can be passed easily around the room.


Be prepared for people to bring very small, very large or odd shaped beads and/or charms that may or may not have a large enough hole which you can attach to the necklace with. Have some small rings to place any small beads or odd-sized trinkets on the necklace by securing the charm onto the ring. Create a knot in the cord or leather and include the ring in the knot before tightening.


Dream catchers are arts and crafts of the Native American people. The night air is filled with dreams. Good dreams are clear and know the way to the dreamer, descending through the feathers. The slightest movement of the feathers indicated the passage of yet another beautiful dream.


Ankh: The Egyptian symbol for eternity, life, power and abundance.
Angel: Ensures you will lead a blessed life. Many also believe angel charms are small representations of one’s guardian angel.
Arrowhead: Focus. Perseverance.
Baby bottle: Represents a new child and ensures health.
Cobra: Wisdom of the Goddess, creation and fertility, designates royalty to the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks
Cross: Represents didactic purity.
Camera or paint brush: Stands for creativity.
Butterfly: Represents transformation, hope, joy, spring and beauty.
Daisies: Happiness.
Dove: Symbolises peace.
Elephant: Ensures your life will be full of wonderful moments to remember.
Feather: Protection. Non Attachment. Serenity.
Fox: Stands for mischievous wisdom and can also represent protection.
Heart: Symbolises love and friendship.
Hummingbird: Joy in the heart.
Lady Bug Lade Beetle: Good luck. Success.
Locket: Represents the desire to protect a love that has grown.
Padlock: Often given along with a key to symbolise the love of two people. Padlocks can also represent the future which is yet to be seen.
Lion: Lions stand for bravery, courage and resolve. Recently, lions also represent Harry Potter’s Gryffindor house.
Owl: Represents wisdom.
Monkey: Represents mischief and fun.
Pansy: Love and thoughtfulness.
Roses: Beauty.
Ship: Represents a dreamer and ensures adventure.
Suitcase, airplane or car: Represents travel.
Shamrock: Luck will be on your side.
Skeleton Key: Ensures a happy home.
Star: Dreams, Divine, Grace.
Swallow: Maternal connection and freedom.
Turtle: Mother Earth in Native American folklore and patience.
Yin Yang: Balance.
Wishbone: Dreams.


Blue: Commitment. Strength Compassion.
Green: Fertility.
Brown: Beginnings. Trust.
Orange: Courage. Energy.
Pink: Joy.
Turquoise: Protection, Creativity and Peace.
Red: Passion, Abundance.
White: Surrender.


Amber: Healing
Amethyst: Spirit.
Bloodstone: Courage.
Carnelian: Inspiration.
Chrysophrase: Acceptance.
Citrine: Abundance.
Garnet: Health.
Hematite: Grounding.
Jade: Dreams.
Jasper: Joy.
Labradorite: Strength.
Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom.
Malachite: chnage.
Moonstone: New Beginnings.
Peridot: Friendship.
Quartz: Power.
Rose Quartz: Love.
Tiger Eye: Clairty and Peace.
Turquoise: Peace. Protection. Creativity.
Silver: Balance.
Copper: Harmony.
Gold: Purity.

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