PDFs: Tips for the Creative Preneur

Want to launch your own hand made label?
Want to learn how to get started as a solo preneur?
Want to learn what it takes to start a creative business?

If you said YESSSS to one or all of the questions then the following free mini guides I have designed for you. The maker. The designer. The business owner. The creative soul The solo preneur.

Print these free guides off, plan and action it and you will be well on the way to awakening your passion and fulfilling your dream whilst making money doing it! Chris x


it was great yesterday. I was more than satisfied – I was enthused and invigorated with both the direction and what is entailed.
I will let you know how I go with all the tasks. Thank you again for your time, your wise counsel, your amazing design and colour sense.
Sharyn Oct 2016


What Our E Course Offers
It has taken an incredible amount of hard work to build Etelage into the brand it is today.

Along the way I have made mistakes but ultimately have learnt much from them. One was to enroll in some (expensive) small business seminars that promised the world but did not capture a creative soul or a creative business.

I sometimes wish another creative preneur had sat me down and told me what to avoid and what to embrace before I’d started my business. It was in the days before the internet, social media and shopping online. I felt quite isolated when all my friends were having babies and I was making jewellery!
That’s why I have written this series for creative preneurs, just like yourself! My goal is to share what I’ve learned over the last 15 years and provide you an awesome opportunity to turn your ideas and dreams into success. You will learn loads from my journey! (I promise.)

Whether you are thinking about turning your side hustle into full time or have already taken the leap or simply want to sell your ready made designs at a market a couple of times a year there are multiple things to consider.

From where do I sell my handmade designs, what is a business brand and how do I create one which is authentic and notably unique to do I need a business plan and do I need to regisiter my business are all decisions you need to make no matter how small or big your business is and no matter how small or big your business dreams are!

If you don’t take the step you may only have an expensive hobby and a big dream.

Private One on One Business Coaching for the Creative Preneur, Sydney

Want to book a one on one session with me? I help creatives to realise their dreams and fulfil their passions through the power of personal coaching.

I would love to help and equip you with the exact tools to start and grow a sustainable and thriving creative business, which I have done. I understand how to start and grow specifically a creative business. Learn from my creative journey and grow your passion project, make your heart sing and make money doing what you love doing.

At the time of your booking I will email you a pre tutorial questionnaire to prepare for your consultation, plus I will personally chat with you to create the best program to meet your specific needs. Personal. Targeted. Effective.

Alternatively, if you are not able to join me in Sydney, I can come to you through our e education program. Take an e course on the subjects you need specific help with. click here

What you Get?

  • A pre consultation questionnaire to be completed before your first coaching session
  • Scheduled one-on-one sessions
  • Time to talk about your questions, concerns, ideas, and dreams
  • Opportunity to become more focused, confident, and prepared to tackle your small business to do lists
  • If that sounds like you and you need to take the next step, let’s do it together!


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