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Wear the same uniform but want to discover your own notable style?
Want to accessories but don’t have the confidence to mix and match your own style?

Overwhelmed by every style and colour in your wardrobe and getting dressed is a huge task every day?

How hard is your style working?
Is it working for you or against you?

Your unique story =  Your notable style.
get this right…and your inner self will shine!

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I had the most erratic wardrobe which stressed me out. I did not have a defined style and the nostalgia for my grandmother’s retro style did not suit my lifestyle nor my shape. I felt I was always dressing for other people and not myself and most of my wardrobe was collected and beautiful pieces I could never wear. Help! When I met with Chris she gave me the tools to help draw out the real me. It has been more empowering than I ever imagined. Thank you! No more over spending! No more overwhelm! I am finally expressing my authentic self and as she promised dressing my notably unique style.
Mel 2017

This style guide is your blueprint to an unmistakable refined and defined notable style. Put simply: style decoded! I love helping women finding their authentic style and flaunting it. When you find your notable style it’s like finding your inner voice. It is really powerful and transformative. I believe fashion should be easy and fun after all we make “fashion” decisions every day. Most of us do not have an innate flair. For those that do, they have been developing their style journey since childhood dress ups and have a solid signature style. Never will you see them adopt an entirely different look – they merely update with a piece of jewellery or a new shoe.

What I have learnt, the older I get, is what you wear tells a story; not only to others but to yourself. It matters how you express yourself! (and you want to express yourself notably and authentically.)

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