What Earrings Suit My Face Shape

Discover Your Face Shape and Flaunt Your Assets

Discover which earrings suit the shape of your face. Know your shape, shop for your specific style and accentuate your face’s natural shape by creating symmetry and balance.

Ever wanted to:

  • soften
  • broaden
  • lengthen your face?

Let us show you exactly how!
The four basic shapes are heart, rectangle, round and oval.
Identify which shape is yours and start wearing notably unique earrings and flaunting your assets!


High wide forehead, tapering at the cheeks, small delicate or pointed chin.
i.e. wider at the forehead & narrower at the chin.

Necklace Lengths and Styles:
create fullness at the neck to balance the wider eye & cheekbone area with a delicate chin.
– choker: a double or triple strand

Goal: broaden

Earring Styles:
– Select wider on the bottom & narrower on top.
fine or delicate silhouettes work best.
soften a pointed chin with:
– triangles & teardrops
– oval earrings

Avoid: round hoops

Bead shapes:
widen a narrow chin by:
– strong horizontal (angular) lines e.g. triangles
– briolettes & drops
– chunky beads


Long & slender. (about the same width at the forehead & just below the cheekbones.)
A narrow chin or forehead.

Necklace Lengths and Styles:
A rectangle face needs softening & width.
− Wear shorter necklaces

Goal: soften & shorten

Earring Styles:
− Try jewellery that adds width, camouflaging the length of the face
− Multi chandelier graduated drops

Bead Shapes:

− Chunky oval, round, barrel & melon shaped beads


A full-looking face with fullness at or below the cheeks.
A round chin & hairline.
The width of the face is usually about the same as the length.

Necklace Lengths and Styles:
Add length to your look by:
− Wear longer necklaces or pieces with a focal point to draw the eye down. i.e. pendants & Y-style
− Deep plunging necklines can carry a beautiful statement necklace
− Avoid chokers as these styles add a visual thickness to the neck

Goal: lengthen
Earring Styles:
− Elongated, dangling styles draw the eyes down, rather than around. e.g. Long linear drops, ovals & chandeliers
− Larger angular earrings. e.g. square and rectangle
Avoid round hoops, studs, tiny earrings and button or ball shaped earrings
Bead Shapes:
− Select square or rectangle (i.e. angular), briolettes, drops & oval beads to offset your curves


A well proportioned/balanced versatile shape.
It is generally accepted as the perfect face shape. Consequently you can wear anything.

Necklace Lengths and Styles:
− You have the freedom to experiment with any shape & size
− Irregular beads are well suited to an optimal face
− Match the texture & designs in your clothing when choosing a necklace. e.g. a more ornate jewellery selection can be worn with an ornate bodice

Earring Styles:

An oval face shape can carry any style.
− Triangular-shaped earrings are especially flattering

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