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Etelage is your creative tool box which loves to inspires your notable style and embraces the maker culture: seeking beauty, slow, ethical and local.

Make it. Wear it. Live it.

etelage history: a fabulous unique and eclectic online bead and jewellery store

Etelage (French for adornment) was founded in 2002 by jewellery designer Christine Smalley, and born out of a strong desire for all things beautiful, high on quality and low on impact.Whether you are a jewellery designer, a hobbyist or just love adornment, you will love creating with our vintage and modern beads which you can buy online or at Sydney craft shows. (ICC Darling Harbour)

Meet you at the Craft Shows:

Etelage staff 2004 Cronulla Beach

“I founded Etelage as a result of never finding the unique style of beads I was after for my own jewellery designs. I love inspiring all to awaken their creative soul and seek beauty, slow, artisan and local…the joy of the maker culture!

I believe accessories reflect and shape our identity. They can influence our moods with a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends.

You will be intrigued and amazed by the variety of beads we sell online and at craft shows. Etelage is a place where one can find a mix of bold retro designs, primitive global, vintage, modern and quirky beads. Our aim is to inspire your creative journey and tell the stories of our beads.” Christine Smalley

Our original creative tool boxes were in the form of our retails shops which we opened in 2003 in Cronulla and 2005 in inner city Newtown. We created an amazing instore experience of inspiration, knowledge and passion. We are now 100% online and continue to create that experience.

sustainabie & ethical style: Thrift, revamping, reclaiming and recycling have become synonymous with craft in recent years.

Reacting against the technological advances of the 21st century, ostentation is fading and bigger issues: sustainability, climate change, global poverty,  ethical trading are becoming more important to us, our suppliers and our customers. It is for these reasons that Etelage participated in a “Greenhouse Gas Assessment” in 2008 because of our concern for the greenhouse footprint of our business.

  • Create unique pieces from our vintage treasures most of which are sourced globally. Most of our vintage finds
  • are found in the basements of former manufacturers and designers in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Our vintage stock is:

  • Usually a combination of sample ranges & over productions which have never been sold or used;
  • Circa 1920s to 1980s;
  • A collection of one-of-a-kind pieces;
  • Products include beads, settings, cabochons, buttons & jewellery;
  • Materials include Czech glass & enamel, Swarovski© crystal, Lucite plastic,
  • Are of a high quality & craftsmanship;
  • Will make your designs unlike any others;
  • And supplies are naturally limited.

Our jewellery is stocked by beautiful indie stores nationally.

“Since my childhood I have inherited, collected and fossicked a vast amount of exotic, tribal and highly collectable beads and embellishments for jewellery making. I always remembers always making “stuff”, but it is jewellery “small sculptures” that captured my heart and my hands!
I love inspiring all to awaken their creative soul and embrace the joy of the maker culture!”

Chris x

embracing SLOW: Sustainable style is part of global movement.


(from the social enterprise Textile Beat)

  •     Think — Make thoughtful, kind, informed choices
  •     Natural — Treasure natural fibres from nature and limit synthetics
  •     Unique — Be creative, original, cultivate individual style, unfollow
  •     Quality — Buy well once, reduce, value remains as price is forgotten
  •     Make — Embrace home sewing as a life skill just like home cooking
  •     Local — Support local makers, those with good stories and fair trade
  •     Care — Mend, patch, sort, sponge, wash less, use cold water, line dry
  •     Adapt — Refashion, eco-dye, create new from old to suit yourself
  •     Relove — Enjoy vintage, exchange, op shops and swaps
  •     Salvage — Donate, rag, weave, recycle or compost
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