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11/0 Gunmetal Seed Bead


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These Czech glass seed beads are 2mm in size, and known as 11/0’s. Seed beads also known as rocailles (French “little stones”) are made of the highest quality glass by the drawn glass method. Literally the glass is drawn out to become a long hollow tube and then cut into small pieces. Seed beads are very durable to work with and having a multitude of colours and finishes and sizes available give the crafts person broad scope in creativity. They are widely used in decorative surface treatments on clothing and textiles in addition to fashion jewellery  and intricate weaving and loom work because of their uniform shape. Sizing is based on the size rod used for the manufacture of glass beads. The smaller the number, the larger the bead.

11/0 2mm approx.

Mainly used for embroidery and delicate style jewellery making

(Note: They are the same size as Mill Hill beads.)

Colour: Gunmetal

Packaging: 20 grams or 2 000 beads approx. 4metres of beading

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Artisans around the globe have used seed beads for nearly 500 years in jewellery making, producing elaborate clothing textiles and tribal regalia. Beaded articles are a symbol of a person’s marital status, wealth and power. Beads communicate different societies’ values especially in Africa where a  Zulu love letters (iNcwadi) is used as means of maidens communicating to their lovers with each colour and combination having a specific meaning. In Massai bead work there are 40 words for different types of Massai beadwork.

American Indians also used intricate beaded motifs to communicate between tribes. Each tribe had their own distinctive geometric or floral design.


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