BL Novelty Charm Pendant Swarovski Daisy 16mm Gold Red


Mix n Match Build Your Own DIY Pendant & Earring Jewellery

This sweet Swarovski  beaded charm makes a lovely small pendant or earrings to those who want to wear something a little whimsy! Daisies symbolise happiness and this charm makes a lovely addition to a baby blessing necklace.

Whether you are creative or not, you can choose from a selection of vintage & modern semi finished charms and beads from our themed bead links.

Get in the creative spirit and make something unique that won’t break the bank. Whether you are a big and flashy gal or a little boho at heart this shopping experience is sure to have something built to match your own personal style and maybe even kick it up a notch or two. 
length: 16mm
colour: red
finish: gold


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