Boho Gem Stone Earrings Sugilite Drop


This boheme sugilite drop earring with a Swarovski crystal accent which is inspired by 1970s cocktail hour in Marrakesh dangles from a solid brass fine chain. Paired with a palette of strong shapes, exaggerated forms and gilded metallics this vintage modern jewellery range is designed for those who love to make elegant statements.
All of our beautifully crafted jewellery is hand made in Sydney for those who have notably unique style and love wearing elegant eclectic statements.
In 1979, gemstone appropriate sugilite was discovered in South Africa. Sugilite ranges in color, from pale lavender to deep purple or violet. It may be uniform or multicolored with yellowish, brownish-red or black blotches. Sugilite may also have a mixed composition, containing chalcedony or host rock. Stones with patterns are often prized for their uniqueness.

Nickel and lead free!

L: 10cm

CARE: Please take care of me by removing when showering, swimming & sleeping. Keep me away from hairspray & perfume.
Enjoy wearing me for many years to come.
Chris x


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