Bugle Beads - Czech

Bugle Metallic Gold Silver Lined 25mm


1 - 4 $6.95 ( Selling price )
5 - 24 $4.95 ( Selling price )
25 or more $3.50 ( Selling price )

These 25mm gold silver lined twisted bugle beads are made of the highest quality Czech glass by Preciosa and prior to that Ornela a state run factory by Jablonex. Literally the glass rod is drawn out to become a long hollow tube. Ideal for bead embroidery, embellishment and craft projects. The glass cane has been cut and twisted to reflect light in stunning and interesting ways. Bugle beads have been used since Victorian times for elaborate surface embellishments such as dresses and bags. They were further popularlised in the 1920’s with Flapper dresses and bags which were fringedwith Bugle beads.

They are available in 3 different style of surface:

  • smooth
  • twisted
  • cut  i.e two cut beads

Proportionally, they are always longer than they are thick ensuring a tubular shape.  They are available in sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 35mm.
Available in an array of colours, coatings and finishes all adding to the creative beading experience.


(approx 80pces/20grm pkt)
finish: silver lined
length: 25mm


Use Nymo thread and double the thread when stitching bugle beads as the ends can be sharp. Stitch through each bead twice when it is a Bugle bead.


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