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Build Your Own Jewellery Chain: Bar Linked Brass Vintage 75cm


individual bars measure 8mm in length

raw brass chain

L: 75cm

Since the early 1900s & for more than half a century, jewellery chains were predominantly hand crafted by family owned companies in Germany, Czech Republic and France. A few of these companies still survive today and manufacture original vintage styles. Most companies however have closed and only spools of chains can be found on dusty shelves of former costume jewellery makers. This is one such chain!

Note: vintage brass chain may have slight markings. This is not a defect but indicative of its age and authenticity.

  • Bead links allow you to create fast &

    fabulous unlimited number of jewellery designs from earrings and

    pendants to charm brackets.

  • Our links are uniquely designed and made in our Sydney studio often using exclusive components to Etelage.
  • Build your own designer jewellery that no one else will have such as a chain pendant trinket, a charm bracelet or earrings.

raw brass
L: 75cm


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