Vintage Cabochons & Settings

Cameo 48x37mm Green


These vintage plastic cameos have a flat back for mounting. They can be used in a setting mount to create a brooch, ring, cuff links or centerpiece; use them with a seed bead stitched bezel, wrap them with wire or set them into polymer clay. Cabochons are not beads, and do not have holes. Use an epoxy glue e.g Araldite if adhering to another material.

Cameo is a method of carving, features a raised (positive) relief image; contrast with intaglio, which has a negative image. Cameos can be produced by setting a carved relief, such as a portrait, onto a background of a contrasting colour like these stones. This is called an assembled cameo.

C 1950s Made in Japan

Note: this size is not a standard size. If the frame is too big use chains to fill in the gap.Use an epoxy glue e.g Araldite to set the stones into a frame to create a pendant, brooch or over sized ring. Alternatively set into a polymer clay e.g Fimo
Create unique pieces from our vintage treasures most of which are sourced globally. We have delightful tales of purchasing sample ranges from retired Czech & German gentlemen who formally worked in the bead and jewellery trade. These men often speak little English and store all their forgotten treasures in the house basement. Our vintage stock is:
• Usually a combination of sample ranges & over productions which have never been sold or used;
• Circa 1920s to 1980s;
• A collection of one-of-a-kind pieces;
• Are of a high quality & craftsmanship;
• Will make your designs unlike any others;
• and supplies are, of course, limited.
Stock changes regularly and you will discover new treasures in the collection every time you visit us. They may be here today, and gone tomorrow! First in best dressed!


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