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Charm Egyptian Phaoroh (40x25mm) Antique Brass Plating Cast


1 or more$6.50 ( Selling price )

Made In Australia 1970’s
These charms have a lovely weight and are a solid cast charm and are one sided.

The King Tut traveling exhibit, in the 1970s, saw a renewed craze for Egyptian design not seen since the 1920s when Carter, an English archaeologist and Egyptologist discovered the intact tomb of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh, Tutankhamun (colloquially known as “King Tut”)

This charm is a representation of the most powerful person in ancient Egypt The Pharaoh. The pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people, holding the titles: ‘Lord of the Two Lands’ and ‘High Priest of Every Temple’.

“Making good jewellery is made up of three basics…good materials, good tools, and good techniques.”

Kaari Meng French General owner, designer & stylist


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