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My purpose for writing this e course for creative preneurs is to share “how I got started”, which has always been the most asked question in my own journey as a small business owner.

Ever wondered:
“Could my hobby really become a legitimate business?”

Any creative/solo preneur thinking of starting a business but doesn’t know where to start or in an existing business feeling like you are in a rut and need direction.

TIME COMMITMENT: 16 – 20 hours over 3 weeks


•    A comprehensive work book 147 pages in total as printable PDF, split into 8 lessons , a lesson of which is emailed directly to you inbox every 3 days. The first lesson you get on purchase.
•    The latest research & facts
•    Actionable tips from my own experiences of selling and marketing as a creative preneur
•    The common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid
•    Your work sheets to keep you accountable
•    The answer to “how do I start my business”
•    The answer to “where can I sell my designs” & “how to protect my designs”
•    The answer to “who is your tribe” and “what is your vibe”
•    Motivational and inspirational quotes

•    Fundamentals of selling; what you are selling? who you are selling to?
•    Different selling possibilities: where to sell and the pros and cons of each
•    How to define your brand and stand out from the crowd
•    How to name your business
•    Pricing your designs– You need to get this right. Nail it and you will be profitable
•    How to buy wholesale
•    How you can fund your business
•    Why  photography Is essential and the types of photos you need
•    How to make your business official. The paperwork and legal responsibilities

Whether you are a face to face privately coached student or have purchased the digital course every student will 1 Months email support. You can directly ask me questions about the course plus anything specific to your own needs.       Ask; I am here to help.

It is important to note: no actual jewellery making techniques are covered in this ecourse.

“The best way to know your future is to create it.”
Abraham Lincoln

Smalley is a full time designer & educator under the label Etelage
est in 2002 and based in the inner west.
She is a bower bird at heart
and combines her love of travels & cultures to source exotic artisan
beads & embellishments for her jewellery designs.
She has lived in
Africa, studied glass design in Italy & fossicked through many a
basement of former jewellery makers in the hub of Bohemia. (Czech
Republic and southern Germany) Her travels allow a constant flow of
inspiration & stories plus an eclectic & juxtiposed style.
observes that generally  as a society we are becoming more mindful about
our choices: conscious of choosing products which are made using
artisan traditions & not mass produced, and seeking quality over
quantity. So it is with that philosophy she shares her skills and
knowledge of jewellery design to encourage all her students to awaken
their creative soul and seek beauty, slow, artisan and local.
Christine creates a teaching environment where participants can share
ideas, be inspired and let their imaginations run wild!
With over 14
years teaching experience Christine is dedicated
to empowering her
students to become better designers, better
makers and launching and building strong brands. She is passionate about
equipping her students with  the exact skills
and the confidence to create whatever her students dream!

written by a creative for creatives
147 pages 8 lessons 3 weeks


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