Boho Brass Drop Earrings Turquoise and Tortoise Shell


My jewellery range is inspired after a trip to the Power House Museum. I
saw the “Mummies” exhibition and was entranced by the by motifs of
Egyptian art. Thousands of years ago, bodies were carefully and tightly wrapped
with bandages to prepare the dead. Amulets were placed on the body for
protection and to ensure rebirth in an afterlife. The result is a
collection inspired from an exotic aesthetic and interpreted in a more
simple and modern sense of decoration. Think pyramids, sharp angles, and
the colours of natural stones such as lapis, turquoise, jasper,
carnelian and malachite.

materials: turquoise stone, amethyst gem, Swarovski crystal

length: 8cm
colour: turquoise tortoise shell
face shape: oval round heart


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