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Feather Pheasant Grouse


Get in touch with nature and use feathers in your jewellery designs, dreamcatchers and more. Go ahead and express your wild side! Feathers in jewellery can find its way back to the earliest adornments, incorporated in earrings, bone necklaces, hair accessories, stone amulets and a wealth of other items.

Ethical. No birds are harmed. Birds naturally molt their feathers to replace old or damaged ones.
Clean. Collected feathers are professionally cleaned and disinfected.
One-of-a-kind. There will be slight variations in colour, size, and shape. The feather lengths that are provided are close approximate ranges. Feathers may vary a little shorter or longer than the given lengths.
Place the end of your feather in a box caroltte.(or leather end)
Squash one flap over leather end using chain nose pliers.
Squash second flap over first and add an oval jumpring to attach to the earpart, chain etc


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