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French Jet Drop Circle Earrings



These French Jet earrings  were purchased as the last known made by an elderly maker decades ago in the former Czechoslovakia. They are set (soldered and fused) with hand cut glass stones over 100 years old  in traditional mounts used by his family from the the late 1800s -1930s.  French jet  jewellery was made from shiny black glass, which was cut and backed, with black-coated steel early last century when Whitby jet (an organic rock from coal) was banned.

Every piece is remarkable, individual and is a one off.

History: The fashion for jet jewellery started in the 1800’s as mourning jewellery, when Queen Victoria wore a necklace to a banquet after the death of her cousin. Before long, jet (high-grade fossilised pine) was considered the only suitable material for mourning. By the end of the 19th century imitations of jet were being made in costume jewellery in Bohemia for French designers. (hence the name “French jet”)

These earrings come packed in a zebra print gift box and are for the dreamers, the go-getters, and the style makers – these beautiful original earrings are for you.

Length: 6cm
Drop French Jet
Face Shape: Round Oval Rectangle


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