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All brass jewellery charms & motifs are stamped from brass (nickel & lead free) sheets and manufactured from original vintage patterns by predominantly hand crafted family owned companies in Germany, Czech Republic and France dating back to the early 1900s. A few of these companies still survive today and manufacture original vintage style stampings.

Care of:

Brass will naturally darken (called a patina) as it ages. You may like the antique it creates however if you want to bring the piece back to a shiny brass simply:

Boil 1 cup of water, set aside until warm. Then add a tblsp vinegar and drop of washing up detergent. Combine all ingredients in a jar & gently shake for 30 seconds. Dry on a paper towel.

Use a stabilised liver of sulfur to create an antique finish for your brass metals. (i.e. unplated)


  • Brass is highly durable
  • Brass is polished easily
  • Brass is corrosion resistant
  • Brass is green: a highly machinable material which makes it
    able to be accurately manufactured with less scrap, less rework and less
    energy than other materials. Products made from brass generally have
    good “cradle-to-grave” characteristics as not only do they show good
    durability but brass is also readily recycled at the end of the products
    working life.
  • Brass is lead and nickel free
  • Brass has a soft muted honey colouring, which makes it the most complimentary of all metal finishes.

“Making good jewellery is made up of three basics…good materials, good tools, and good techniques.”

Kaari Meng French General owner, designer & stylist

with loop at the back
original vintage


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