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Letter H Brass Charm Alphabet


1 - 9 $1.95 ( Selling price )
10 or more $1.55 ( Selling price )

This cute alphabet letter charm is available in all letters of the alphabet. You can make names, words and messages eg. I HEART H.

Length: 15mm with loop

Why We Love Brass & You Will Too!
Brass has a lovely warmth about it which blends with most skin tones. It
is highly machinable which makes it the most “green” of all metals. It is versatile. Use in
jewellery making, scrap booking & embroidery.

 “Making good jewellery is made up of three basics…good materials, good tools, and good techniques.”

Kaari Meng French General owner, designer & stylist

material: solid brass
length: 15mm


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