Lucite Bead Ivory Donut 18x8mm Shell


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Lucite Plastic Beads (circa 1960s-early 1980s) is
a material that has both properties of plastic and glass and mirrors
the clarity of glass. Lucite is heavier in “feel” compared to
traditional plastics and is of the highest quality. Lucite was
discovered in 1931 by Du Pont chemists. It was among the first plastics
derived from petrochemicals and was sold to jewellery manufacturers
after the war. Beads were mass produced in the 1960’s – early 1980s
using this material.
Create unique pieces from our vintage treasures most of which are
sourced globally. We have delightful tales of purchasing sample ranges
from retired Czech & German gentlemen who formally worked in the
bead and  jewellery trade. These men often speak little
English and store all their forgotten treasures in their house basement
or on dusty warehouse shelves.

Our vintage stock is:
Usually a combination of sample ranges & over productions which have never been sold or used;
Circa 1920s to 1980s;
Are of a high quality & craftsmanship;
Will make your designs unlike any others;
and supplies are, of course, limited.

Stock changes regularly and you
will discover new treasures in the collection every time you visit us
online or at the craft shows in Sydney. They may be here today, and gone
tomorrow! First in best dressed!
This bead has a large hole (4mm)
Made in Germany

size: 18x8mm
colour: shell


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