Boho Pendant Vintage Glass Emerald


This original vintage glass emerald teardrop pendant dangles from a vintage brass chain which is inspired by jet set
travel and the desire to capture the moody, glam and feminine elegance
of the 60s and 70s. I have childhood memories of my fashionable
grandparents global trotting to far flung places which imbued in me a
life long love of effortless glamour and travel. The beads colourful
pattern reminds me of this Psychedelic era. This boheme luxe collection is a
mix of glam rock and disco crazy styles which transport you back to a
1970s cocktail hour in Marrakesh. Paired with a palette of strong
gemstone colours, exaggerated forms and gilded metallics this vintage
modern jewellery range is designed for those who love to make elegant
statements. Put on and race to the dance floor. Mix, match and layer with fusions of materials and designs. Dare to rip up the rule book!

Our beautifully crafted jewellery is designed
and hand made in Sydney for those who have notably unique style and love
wearing elegant eclectic statements.

Please take care of me by removing when showering, swimming & sleeping. Keep me away from hairspray & perfume.
Enjoy wearing me for many years to come.
Chris x

colour: emerald
length: 90cm
materials: glass 18×25 pear drop vintage glass stone


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