Femme Crystal Quartz Chain Pendant



This raw crystal stone and brass pendant is inspired by jet set travel and the desire to capture the moody, glam and feminine elegance of the 60s and 70s. I have childhood memories of my fashionable grandparents global trotting to far flung places which imbued in me a life long love of effortless glamour and travel.


    • length: 60cm
    • materials: brass chain and wire wrapped raw crystal quartz

(Note: every stone is different from size to clarity which adds to authenticity of the raw nature of the stone)

Clear Quartz is one of the most common minerals on earth and is considered the most versatile crystal not only due to its healing influence but also its energy clearing and protection abilities. Pure Quartz is clear or transparent, but quartz in general comes in a variety of colours, depending on what else is in Mother Nature’s mix and from surrounding elements – pure quartz is what gives ordinary rocks their sparkle!

CARE: Please take care of me by removing when showering, swimming and sleeping. Keep me away from hairspray and perfume.
Enjoy wearing me for many years to come.
raw stone and brass


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