Saucer 5mm Vintage Lucite Bead Coral


1 - 599 $3.50 ( Selling price )
600 or more $2.48 ( Selling price )

These 5mm vintage coral saucer beads are made from lucite which is a
material that has both properties of plastic and glass and mirrors
the clarity of glass. Lucite is heavier in “feel” compared to
traditional plastics and is of the highest quality. Lucite was
discovered in 1931 by Du Pont chemists. It was among the first plastics
derived from petrochemicals and was sold to jewellery manufacturers
after the war. Beads were mass produced in the 1960’s – early 1980s
using this material. Lucite beads are a best seller.

packaged in 100 piece bags

“Making good jewellery is made up of three basics…good materials, good tools, and good techniques.”

Kaari Meng French General owner, designer & stylist

Opaque Bright Coral
Size: 6mm
100 pieces per bag


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