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Soutache Herringbone Cord Rose Burgundy


Soutache (pronounced SOO-tash), A narrow, flat, herringbone ornamental braid used to trim garments & a common element in the French art of passementerie,

(Also referred to as “Russian braid”)

Passementerie encompasses a wide range of trims, braids and tassels used as decoration on haute couture, draperies and furnishings.

To make the “galoons” most often seen on military uniforms, swirls of soutache are stitched flat. It is also a bookbinder’s term for the thin braid applied to the top and bottom of the inside of a book’s spine to secure its pages. In Soutache & Bead Embroidery, however, lengths of soutache are “stacked” to create a more solid visual element and a stable base for the addition of beads. Soutache can be curved and shaped into many patterns and because it is essentially a textile, soutache jewellery has two wonderful properties; it is extremely light-weight and, like a well-made piece of clothing, it will conform to the wearer’s body. It also makes great gift wrapping cord.


width: 3mm
colour: rose burgundy


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