Orange Tube 30x7mm Opalino


2 - 19 $2.50 ( Selling price )
20 - 99 $1.95 ( Selling price )
100 or more $1.25 ( Selling price )

The design possibilities of glass beads are endless like this 30x7mm opalino orange tube bead. Czech pressed glass beads are produced in moulds allowing for more complex shapes and a uniform size and hole. Round isn’t everything. We stock the most extraordinary range in Australia of Czech glass pressed shapes many of which are made exclusively for Etelage by small cottage industry makers dotted across the dramatic wooded countryside of the Czech Republic.


Make instant grat drop earrings with these bold Czech glass tubes.


  • size: 30 x 7mm
  • finish: opalino
  • minimum 2 piece purchase


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