Thank you so much for yesterday, Chris! You are amazing and inspiring – and I learned so much. I’m definitely going to sign up for future workshops!”

On arrival we were welcomed with a glass of champagne. The tutor was informative and approachable; the venue made us feel at home and the variety of goodies to make suited everyone! Making the jewellery was a real icebreaker as some people didn’t know each other. Thanks Etelage- we had a great day and will be recommending this to our friends.
Danielle Hens Host Jan 2012

We set about to make adorable necklaces. Sitting around the studio table, we were able to chatter and create in a really relaxed environment. Followed by a gorgeous array of sweet & savoury nibbles.
Freya Hens Host Oct 2011

I left the Vintage Master Class not only with some wonderful pieces of jewellery but also feeling inspired and looking at objects in a new way. It was great to see the diversity in the pieces produced by the members of our class; Raphael patiently guided each of us to create something truly individual and unique.
The Tribal Style Class is next on my Calendar.” Joanne vintage master class 2011

Every budding jewellery designer needs to do an Etelage design course.

You will walk away from every design class with an amazing piece of jewellery which you had no idea you were so talented at creating.

I heard about Etelage from a friend and their hen’s package sounded ideal: an afternoon of crafting with a great location to continue our hen’s party celebration. We ended up going for the vintage package and it was really good fun.
Kate Hens Host Jan 2012

We had such a lovely weekend. The workshop was fantastic. Great fun and a great icebreaker for any group of girls who perhaps don’t know each other. The bride loved it.
Kiyomi Hens Host Aug 2012

Etelage is the shop that awoken my creativity and passion for Jewellery. When you walk into the shop you enter a world of colour, shapes, designs and the ideas can’t help but flow! I attended the 4 week work shop and learnt so much from textures, composition, colours, cultures, to mood boards & Jewellery to suit face shapes. The idea of each class was to learn and create, to be inspired by your class mates who all have different ideas and designs. I highly recommend doing any workshop through Etelage as I know there would be great inspiration found and delightful designs created.
Leia – Design 4 week series 2011

I strongly recommend any beading enthusiast to do this class, Nanda is very resourceful and her teaching skills gave me the confidence to create a gorgeous crochet necklace I did not realise I had the skills to create!
Liz – Crochet workshop 2011

Hi Chris, Thanks for taking me through the techniques today to get me started on this lovely journey. I really enjoyed my time spent with you learning this new skill. I’m very excited to begin my jewellery making & hoping I will learn more from you.
Thank you also for the additional info on Morocco & other material.
Warm Regards,
Nirmala July 2016

Hi Chris, I love the pendant and earrings made with the colour selections from last nights colour master class. I had heard of this method using nature, art etc in fashion collections, but hadn’t ever used it as a way of stimulating creativity or colour combos myself… now I will be applying it for jewellery designs.

ps: wearing the earrings and necklace at the moment… think I’ve found a new hobby! Sandra

Thank you much. I really enjoyed your website and very much appreciate your customer service!
Tobey, Canada

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