Community Jewellery Making Workshops

Let Etelage jewellery making tutors help you celebrate your next community event.

We offer affordable and easy jewellery making workshops for your carers group, disability group, church group, National Youth Week, International Women’s Day, Arts Festival or Mother’s Day etc.


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We will check availability confirming your date and time ASAP. We will work with you to create a jewellery project which suits the needs of the participants and your budget.


1. Etelage will supply the following:

  • A maximum of 30 sets of jewellery tools.
  • x1 Jewellery kits for each participant
  • Instruction sheets for each participant.

2. Equipment Required:

  • A PA system with hand held microphone (for larger groups)
  • Lap top/DVD player and projector (if you would like a jewellery making DVD to be shown)
  • Trestle tables (with table cloth preferably) and chairs for between 6 -10 people/table.
  • A well lit room.

3. Minimum/Maximum Number:
15 – 40 people

4. Travel Charge:
Is dependent on where the event is held from the CBD.


  • St Ives Shopping Centre
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Gymea TAFE
  • Settlement Services International
  • Class Bento
  • Cantebury Youth Centre
  • St Ives, Caringbah, Newtown, Summer Hill, Bowral Anglican Churches
  • Mortdale Baptist Church


Christine Smalley Founder and Creative Director of Etelage (est 2002), shares her passion for artisan traditions and vintage design. Drawing inspiration from 1920s deco style, 1960s jet set glamour and 1970s boho chic governs her artistic expression.
She observes that generally as a society we are becoming more mindful about our choices: conscious of choosing products which are made using artisan traditions and not mass produced, and seeking quality over quantity. So it is with that philosophy all Etelage tutors shares her skills and knowledge of jewellery design to encourage all students to awaken their creative soul and seek beauty, slow, artisan and local.

All Etelage tutors have a WWCC “working with children check” and they are updated every 5 years.


Why is creativity so important?
Did you know anxiety and depression overwhelming affects a staggering 4o% of Australian women?

We live our modern western lives in perpetual motion with perpetual social media, news feeds and noise. Research confirms that digital technology makes us feel anxious and we know if we tried to keep up with the ‘rosy instagram’ perfected life we see daily, life can suddenly seem overwhelming.

And the advice from psychologists; we need to to get back to basics, drop perfectionism and make and do stuff more. Whether we are carers, full time workers, retired or studying the importance of creativity in our lives is paramount for all stages and for all ages. Plan a creative afternoon once a month with your friends, start a hobby, join a regular craft class, disconnect from technology once a week and nurture your creative soul.

We all have to balance life, family, work and pleasure. Make sure you factor is some creativity also. Create a habit and make time for your creative habit.Let’s meet face to face, learn a new skill and have some fun with the other real folk!

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