Corporate Jewellery Making Workshops

Have a corporate event coming up?

We offer creative jewellery making workshops for small and large scale events.

Etelage can come to your office or event venue, in Sydney for your corporate team, clients & VIPS.

We believe the best corporate events are ones that give an opportunity to build communication plus offers a creative experience and shared memories in a fun and relaxed environment where creativity and problem solving flourish.
No matter what industry you are in a great team environment and a solid brand is critical for communication to your employees, their families, your clients and VIPS.

Select from one of our packages and book your creative jewellery workshop experience today!

Alternatively we can set up a jewellery bar and make the jewellery for your VIP guests with a selection of beautiful elements.


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We will check availability confirming your date and time ASAP. We will work with you to create a jewellery project which suits the needs of the participants and your budget.


Experience a hands on workshop as a jewellery designer in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Choose from a variety of stylish themed workshops from vintage to boho all catering for beginners and create a beautiful keepsake!

What you Make:

All guests will make either:

  • a pair of statement chandelier earrings or small drop earrings
  • or a beaded chain charm pendant

With an emphasis on sustainable style we use quality globally sourced elements which are either vintage, bought directly from artisan small cottage craft makers or are community fair trade. Materials used include Czech glass beads, crystals and brass charms in the signature style for what we are known for; that is modern vintage. Make your assemblages under the expert guidance of our tutors who will offer you and your guests a personalised, informative and inspirational experience for every guest.

Venue Options:

We can come to you either your office, a hotel conference room or any nominated venue within 25km of the Sydney CBD. (travel fee additional)

Minimum Maximum Guest Numbers:

  • 10 – 40


Packages start from $50 pp


  • Use of tools
  • All materials required to hand make an item/s of jewellery
  • Handouts on techniques learnt
  • Packaging for jewellery and handouts


No jewellery making skills are required. All workshops are designed for beginners who want to express their creativity and create uniquely individual jewellery design/s.


  • Skechers
  • Bobby Brown Makeup
  • St Ives Shopping Centre


Christine Smalley Founder and Creative Director of Etelage (est 2002), shares her passion for artisan traditions and vintage design. Drawing inspiration from 1920s deco style, 1960s jet set glamour and1970s boho chic governs her artistic expression.

She observes that generally as a society we are becoming more mindful about our choices: conscious of choosing products which are made using artisan traditions and not mass produced, and seeking quality over quantity. So it is with that philosophy all Etelage tutors she share her skills and knowledge of jewellery design to encourage all students to awaken their creative soul and seek beauty, slow, artisan and local.


Why is creativity so important for your team?
Did you know anxiety and depression overwhelming affects a staggering 4o% of Australian women? We live our modern western lives in perpetual motion with perpetual social media, news feeds and noise. Research confirms that digital technology makes us feel anxious and we know if we tried to keep up with the ‘rosy instagram’ perfected life we see daily, life can suddenly seem overwhelming.
And the advice from psychologists; we need to to get back to basics, drop perfectionism and make and do stuff more. Whether we are carers, full time workers, retired or studying the importance of creativity in our lives is paramount for all stages and for all ages. Plan a creative afternoon once a month with your friends, start a hobby, join a regular craft class, disconnect from technology once a week and nurture your creative soul.

We all have to balance life, family, work and pleasure. Make sure you factor is some creativity also. Create a habit and make time for your creative habit.

Let’s meet face to face, learn a new skill and have some fun with the other real imperfect people!


When you allow for regular creative team building activities in the workplace it leads to:

  • improved performance,
  • improved collaboration,
  • improved communication,
  • improved problem – solving skills,
  • improved critical thinking,
  • improved decision making,
  • improved ideas,
  • improved motivation,
  • improved creativity,
  • improved confidence.

(Which is a very impressive list*)

We believe workplaces need regular and deliberate fun team building exercises to enable employees to recharge, switch off technology, create some shared memories, maximise their creativity, and feel passion for their work. After completing team building activities together, most employees will have a better understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together on future progress vital to a company and a teams success.

We have found even a creative work place like ours needs to factor in some creative activities. As an all girl team we have enjoyed a make up workshop, bohemian wall art class and yoga vege cooking retreat.

*Research Harvard

Ts and Cs

It is always our goal to start the event with all guests present. We are happy to delay the event by up to 15 minutes and it is most desirable to have everyone present before we start. If however in the event a guest/s are late we will delay proceeding no more than 15 minutes later than scheduled.

In the event a confirmed guest is unable to attend at the last minute we are happy to give you a jewellery kit for them. Unfortunately no refunds are available after payment is made.

We are unable to cater for small children at our venues unless they are babies in a pram.

Camera shy? We may take photos and/or video at your workshop to use in our marketing materials including social media. If you do not wish to have your photo taken or appear in a video please let us know.

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